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Big Daddy Has A Guard Dog For A Posse! by Randall J Turner { Biscuit }
Big Daddy has a Guard Dog for a Poose
Hot glue gun empowered art is a twist
on Mexican Folk and San Francisco psychedelic
right in the middle of Austin weird.

Bigger than life and filled with fun Randall J. Turner was my friend. He reminds me of why we need to have fun, create art, and love our brothers.

Please take a minute and read from the few links below. Most telling are the endless accounts of a man who shared his love. His polite manner and open heart is remarkable. You knew you where a part of something and welcomed it when Randy told you he loved you. That kind of endorsement from him could ground you firmly in the middle of his world of flying babies and glitter incrusted stick people at play. Men stand taller in his shadow, while women wished they could bake and be the ultimate hostess like Biscuit.

His hot glue gun empowered art is a twist on Mexican Folk and San Francisco psychedelic right in the middle of Austin weird. The shear mass of the body of work is a show stopper. Just walking in to the front room was like a shiny candy store for your eyes to gorge. Feasting on cut and paste peoples and landscapes of a happier world you have always dreamt of.

Years after the Big Boys and the Austin punk scene seemed to have faded from my memory I would have a chance meet up with Randy at a Street Rod event. Randy knew and loved the American hotrod and would make solo trips to some of the largest events in the country.

In the middle of 10 thousand cars I spotted Randy. Standing over 6 foot tall and carrying a small umbrella to shade himself from the sun. Upon approach he was a gracious gentleman and was almost embarrassed I recognized him as I called out "Biscuit". It had been ten years since the original punk scene in Austin Tx. He remarked "no one has called me that in so long and out here in the blisting sun of Oklahoma City to boot! "

As years pasted we would try to meet and talk cars. After meeting in Louisville in 2003 I decided to send him a care package along with an art panel I called "Blow It Out Your Bullet Hole" a reference to hotrod legend, artist/actor Norm Grabowski who I personally introduced Randy to earlier that summer.

Norm is one of the last of hotrodding’s Big Daddys and we were in with his running crew for that weekend. It was so much fun hanging with two folks I admire as artists and have who have made an impact in both their respective mediums.

In return and in true Biscuit fashion I received a fun box from Austin.
The jewel of the package is the art shown above and titled
"Big Daddy Has A Guard Dog For A Posse". Not that anyone would know unless you have received a package from Randy it was stuffed full of letters, poems, stickers and all kinds of goodies and treasures. It was a childhood christmas for a 40 old man. Thank you!

Randy, we missed you. I can now only imagine you where OK and out with friends having an ice cream cone.

Quote from Randy at the Street Rod Nationals 2003
surrounded by 60+ year old men taking refreshments in the hot, hot sun.

"I just love watching grey haired men eating ice cream cones" -Biscuit

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